Please excuse the excessive bovine excrement expletive expression, but this game is about Bullshit in the literal sense.

This is a project page for a game for, more info as it becomes functional. According to the rules the game can't be released prior to the game jam conclusion.

This is the completed jam entry so in other words, this is complete bullshit!

What is Bullshit?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to mow a field of grass but if you mow where the bulls have shat you will end up smelly and need to repair your crappy mower.  To help you avoid the bullshit you can smell how many neighboring areas are full of shit. Mow your way through levels A through F! Infinite lives and invisible player (visible mower) already enabled!

At the start screen push left and right to select the difficulty level, then press Fire (Z in the browser) to start that level.

Move with Joystick in port 2 (cursor keys in the browser), press fire (Z in the browser) to mow a square or space to mark a square as believed to be shat upon. Clear all the non-shat-upon squares to complete the level.

If you fail you will get shit all over the place and have a chance to try again, or try another difficulty level. If you clear a screen you're encouraged to tackle the next level of difficulty!

Music and music/sfx code

Music and sound effects by László Vincze (Vincenzo) composed in Sid Wizard 1.8 and transcoded into a custom player to fit with memory requirements.

The music player is open source and available from here. The Kick Assembler version is in development but it is a start:

Development log

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