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Nono Pixie is a Nonogram Puzzle Game for Commodore 64 with 100 unique puzzles to solve! A Nonogram is a puzzle that tells how many squares are in each row and column of a picture. If there are multiple groups in a column or row this is indicated by multiple numbers for the same column or row. The game is created as an entry for the 2019 RGCD 16kb game cart jam.

This is the final version of Nono Pixie, the cartridge version is the game jam version while the floppy disk version contains additional content. The game can be played in a browser from archive.org: https://archive.org/details/nonopixie

Changes in the final version

* 100 puzzles, reordered from easier to harder (again!)
* Title Screen Art
* Manual (included with d64 version)
* Fixed or removed puzzles with multiple solutions
* Can freeze the background in addition to hiding it
* More backgrounds
* Removed the stand-alone .prg, it is either cartridge (16k) or floppy (d64)
* Music plays correctly on NTSC

The d64 (floppy disk version) extras include

* Title screen
* Interactive Manual
* OCP Art Studio printable cheat sheets for Joystick, Keyboard and Mouse controls for those who would like to print those on their c64.
* Load screen / directory layout by Logiker

The downloads contain PDF manuals including cheat sheets for the applicable input devices.


You bought a complete collection of 100 grid pictures, and they have finally arrived after a long time shipping.

Unfortunately it is too late to bring them inside. Nothing to worry about, surely no-one would touch them overnight?

Just in case something happens you carefully write down the number of tiles in each picture's row and column.

Of course, anything valuable never gets left alone. Mischevious pixies are up to no good in the night.

All the tiles have been removed and a massive chore awaits you!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorSpace Moguls
TagsCommodore 64, griddlers, keyboard, mouse, nonogram, number-game, picross, picture
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Joystick
AccessibilityHigh-contrast, One button


NonoPixieC64Cart.zip 512 kB
NonoPixieC64D64.zip 535 kB
NonoPixieC64Mini.zip 503 kB
Nono Pixie with VICE C64 Emulator Windows.zip 31 MB

Install instructions

The game should run directly from the .d64 or .crt files, for C64 Mini, copy all the files in the USB folder to your USB drive. Works with NTSC or PAL C64, Vice C64 emulator,  EasyFlash, Ultimate2+, Ultimate64, 1541, SD2IEC, Commodore 1351, etc.

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nice game! I know it from gameboy. I have made this before two years, too --> PixNum by Bardon (itch.io)

Loved this game! It is my favourite game on the c64! Needs a sequel. Love it!

Good to know! Will provide an update quite soon :)

Completed all 100 of them this weekend. It's awesome. On the later levels I found myself wishing for a restart puzzle option though, when I messed up.The CLR/HOME button would be a good candidate...


Sounds good, download again and give it a try!

Works great :) Thanks for incorporating my suggestion!

Great version, I really like the convenience features (filling multiple slots to right/down, the position indicator, etc.). However, I missed being able to multi-fill X's. Also, I found that pressing left shift while pulling down the joystick enables me to X squares in the column, but I could not find the key to do that horizontally.

Thanks for giving the game a try! I'm still working to improve joystick controls, which is surprisingly cumbersome compared to mouse and keyboard and I'll look at more ways to improve setting x's :)

What about Fire = mark, Fire + move = mark adjacent cells (in the direction of the move), holding Shift while doing these = mark with X?

Well, I also want the game to work with the c64 mini, so controls need to work with just joystick, and my solution for that is double clicking fire to set X on empty, or ? on filled, keep fire down and move stick to set multiple. For consistence I'll also try to support holding X or V while moving the cursor to set multiple. Turns out left shift + fire is a ghost key, so if any other kb solution causes ghost keys causing other effects I won't be able to...

(1 edit)

Fair enough. That joy scheme doesn't sound bad at all.

All that's missing now is the background music. After all, the game's on the C64, so it's not complete without a nice SID tune. :)

Absolutely :) The music is on the way!