I've been going back to my original game for the RGCD 16k cart game jam, Space Orbs for a bit to get it into a presentable and sort of playable state. Now I'm back on Nono Pixie and have spent a few days to play, time and tweak all the puzzles. There are 100 puzzles all finished and sorted by how long each takes me to play.  If my spreadsheet  is correct that is nearly 9 hours of gameplay, or about half an hour for the first 25, or two hours for the first half.

The cart version will fit in 16kb as it is part of the game jam, but the d64 will have extra material that didn't fit. This will be released simultaneously with the completed cartridge version!

So I'm excited that I've finished tuning all the puzzles and I'm happy with the difficulty progression!  I guess that means the game is at content lock and beta. Usually I spend at least two years between game releases, this one is hopefully done around 5 months after Space Moguls :)

Of course, this means I only have a couple of months to finish Space Orbs now.. Hopefully it works out!


nonopixie.crt 16 kB
Mar 18, 2019
nonopixie.d64 170 kB
Mar 18, 2019
nonopixie.prg 11 kB
Mar 18, 2019

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