Update for Space Orbs

I rushed a bit to get Space Orbs ready for the RGCD 16k cart game jam so there were a few issues left to address, some feedback and also a bit more testing time :) My conclusion with the project is that this game is weird and I hope it will be played out of curiosity and maybe inspire someone to make a better iteration in the future!

Fixes from the original release includes:

  • A new nuisance was added, a variation of the blocking bug that is cleared when next to a successful match, but that isn't affected by bombs. This was integrated into several levels.
  • Balanced most levels so they are not quite as impossible
  • Danger level is now more representative of the current situation
  • Crunched the .prg file
  • Added the "Briefing" that was hinted at on the main menu
  • Added a "Play Style" enabling auto switching sides when pushing orbs based on feedback and another mode for disabling switching for a true two player mode.
  • Showing level names to give a hint of what to expect!
  • Made the random a bit more random
  • Multiplier sprites won't freeze when level is complete
  • Added a pdf manual and tweaked the instructions a little

This list seems long but it is mostly tweaks, spent most time just playing the game over and over to figure out how to improve things the most :) Even though I'm jumping back to another project now I'm still very interested in any feedback so please share here, on reddit, twitter (@SpaceMoguls) or wherever! I'll find it one day.


Space Orbs Pilot Guide.pdf 33 kB
Jul 08, 2019
SpaceOrbsUpdate.crt 16 kB
Jul 08, 2019
SpaceOrbsUpdate.d64 170 kB
Jul 08, 2019
SpaceOrbsUpdate.prg 10 kB
Jul 08, 2019

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