Status of development confusion

I've noticed a references to Space Orbs as a preview, which isn't quite accurate as the game as designed and iterated is complete, but the music is not implemented. I think this makes the cracked game classification a "preview" but that does not describe the state of the game itself incomplete. The updated version posted after the game jam has most of the fixes I was hoping to include.

There are certainly other things that can be added to the game but I am uncertain if making changes for the sake of making changes would actually improve the game. I'd like to figure out specific things to improve and then maybe make a sequel rather than hacking away at the current game.

If this had been a commercial game it would have been cancelled early, and I was just curious how far I could take the idea so I kept going until the game jam ended. I'm pretty happy with the result in spite of an unexpected amount of experimentation to get there!

As far as the music goes I'm still hopeful it will be completed after the summer holidays, I'm waiting for a friend who will return to composing music after a short break. Hopefully it will help a bit that the game is fully playable! (even though it is very experimental..)

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