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Hi friends, players, dreamers and streamers!

Griddy Pixels is in a functional phase and now I can step back a little and spend more time before the next update. This means that it is an ideal time to get some feedback to improve the game. This is the first time I release a game so early in development and I'm really hoping that means more voices to improve the game. Please comment on the game page or this post or tweet me at @spacemoguls!

I'm starting to understand how to design easier and harder puzzles, and a larger size is not necessarily a harder puzzle, so while I rebalance some puzzles, delete some and sort all of them better please use the title screen selection, it is the numbers right after press fire to start, simply press right and left to step to any puzzle! There isn't a way to get back to the title screen in the middle of a puzzle, but if you're running the cartridge just press reset! (alt-r in vice) If running the .prg file you can still reset and type sys 2064 to avoid reloading every time.

I have a list of things to work on already:

  • Some way of returning to the title screen
  • Replace the joystick pointer system so the joystick works like the cursor keys. Moving the pointer around with acceleration is too annoying.
  • Adding a way to mark  known empty cells with a cross, and a way to mark uncertain with a '?', plan is using X/M for keyboard and with joystick hold button for 1 s on an empty cell to mark it as known empty or 1 s on a filled cell to mark it as uncertain. click the button again on it to clear the cell.
  • Considering adding a solver as a way to get hints
  • Currently highlighting the column/row counts in groups from right to left, but that seems unintuitive so maybe figure out a way to reverse the order (green = correct count, blue = below, red = over, black = not found). There isn't a way to see if there are too many groups, might be useful.
  • More backgrounds! I'm already kind of tired of the current one. Lots of ideas already!
  • Music! Still early talks.
  • Game structure, not sure if it should be sequential levels or always choose your puzzle
  • Lots more puzzles
  • More testing
  • More celebrations, when completing a row or column, when completing a puzzle

So what do I want to know from you?

  • Your thoughts on difficulty for each puzzle
  • Suggestions aside from my list above
  • Feedback on my list above
  • And more...

I also have another puzzle game in progress which has stalled a bit, if this game gets me some good feedback I'll be happy to make an early playable release for the other puzzle game!

I was originally a bit concerned about people streaming the game and revealing all my puzzles, but even if I made the puzzles myself I'm still having a good time playing them so go ahead and stream all you want! It is also super easy to create more puzzles so don't worry about not being surprised by the final release :)

If you just want to play and not give feedback that's fine too!


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Feb 27, 2019
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Feb 27, 2019

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