Starting out on this tiny weekend project I had a number of features in mind and then I just kept adding to that list.. But I'm finally at a point where nearly all those features are in a working state!

So it turned into a two weekend and half a week project to get here, but once you start having fun playing a game you're working on it is really hard to stop. Getting 64 reasonably solvable puzzles in at the same time is just the extra mustard on the hamburger!

Here's a list of new things:

  • Mouse support - left to set, right to clear
  • 64 solvable puzzles
  • Puzzle mini image with a puzzle number index
  • Removed joystick cursor and just made it move the same way keyboard controls work
  • Mark known empty (X) and uncertain set squares (V) (keyboard only for now)
  • Set multiple squares at once horizontally or vertically (keyboard only)
  • Showing the cursor position from each edge
  • Displays the size of the puzzle in the upper left box
  • Optional timer
  • Shows the title of the puzzle once completed
  • Pause menu (press Return on keyboard or wiggle joystick left/right)
  • Change puzzle from pause menu
  • Lock mouse horizontally (hold left Shift) or vertically (hold C=)
  • Hold button while moving cursor to set/clear multiple squares

That's quite a list! Time to take a little break and have some fun :)


griddypixels.crt 16 kB
Mar 06, 2019
GriddyPixels.d64 170 kB
Mar 06, 2019
griddypixels.prg 10 kB
Mar 06, 2019

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